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Have you seen these trees?

Have you seen these trees?

21/03/2010: The cat, the king and a camp called Bling

19/03/2010: Is it unlawful to occupy a tree?

16/03/2010: ITV Anglia - Road protestors warned

15/03/2010: BBC News - 'Camp Cuckoo' protesters in Essex face legal action

08/03/2010: BBC Look East - Duel (dual?) to the death

03/03/2010: Town being decimated instead of enhanced

22/09/2009: Map of the Council's current proposal (see last 3 pages)

16/04/2009: Anna Waite has written an open letter to Shaun Qureshi about the Council's current proposals.
She now wants to keep Cuckoo Corner as a roundabout, which begs the question "Why do they need £5 million for it?"...


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