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28th January 2009

Campaigners step up Priory Crescent protest

By Paul Giles

MEMBERS of Camp Bling plan to steup up their opposition to the Priory Crescent scheme.

The news followed claims by the campaigners that the postponed road scheme was being disussed by the East of England Regional Assembly Transport Forum on Fridya, January 16.

Campaigner Shaun Qureshi said he wants to make people aware that the scheme may still go ahead.

He said: "We've done so much work over the years and people think they have won the fight.

"This scheme could come together quickly and I think it's being manipulated that way.

"The council are unleashing something they won't be able to control."

However, Anna Waite, Southend Council's executive member for transport and planning, has hit back by saying the scheme at Cuckoo Corner was not even discussed at the meeting.

She said: "Nothing has changed. This was just to put a note on the accounts to say money had been allocated for the project.

"Camp Bling are frankly the ones causing the congestion to grow.

"We're not going through the park. We just want to improve the corner junction and improve access to the industrial estate.

"The park is protected so we can't go through it.

"There are no plans for this to go ahead because the Department of Transport have not decided to fund it yet."

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