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14th May 2008

Opinion and readers' letters

Council quiet over Camp Bling

HAVING read about Camp Bling I must add my bit.

What good common sense is spoken in the reader's letters.

There seems no one on the council who dares to offer an opinion opposed to Councillors Holdcroft and Waite.

I was very concerned about the article dated April 16. It appeared to have been written by Councillor Waite implying that the camp is costing money, currently not so. They are working, tidying and caring for the site. I visit occasionally, always unannounced and am made welcome and am impressed by their attitude.

Sadly the same cannot be said about people who never visit the site and criticise, and speak about mess and litter.

The only litter is deposited over night, mattresses, armchairs and other oddments have had to be removed at Bling's expense.

For about a year I have been attempting to get a reply from Councillor Waite about the proposed road widening.

My thanks to Camp Bling for sticking at it for all of us.

Mrs Hyde
Cheltenham Road, Southend

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