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16th April 2008

STAYING PUT: Camp Bling protesters on the site of the Saxon King at Prittlewell

Camp Bling is set deadline to move

By Karen Davis

OCCUPANTS of Camp Bling in Priory Crescent have been asked to vacate the site by May 1 - to save tax payers more expense.

Anna Waite, lead member for planning at Southend Council, confirmed authority has no plans to build a road on the site, but instead plans to turn it into a commemorative garden to the Saxon King.

Parklife campaigner Shaun Qureshi insisted that the protesters were there to stay until the council scraps all plans to build a road.

Mr Qureshi said: "We do not trust the council to deliver their promise to create a commemorative garden to the Saxon King."

Eviction costs for Camp Bling could top £1.5million.

The Labour Group has voted against the Priory Park Road scheme since its inception, and the Liberal Democrats have also recently announced that they are in favour of scrapping the plans.

Labour group leader, councillor Chris Dandridge, said: "Although I think a £1.5million estimate for eviction is a little high, we have always believed the entire scheme is folly."

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