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19th March 2008

Opinion and readers' letters

Councillor's offer was just a stunt

I AGREE with Councillor Daphne White.

Councillor Longley's wish to share with us all his gifts to charity is shameful and shows him in a very poor light trying only to ingratiate himself with the electorate ahead of local elections.

His comments about dumping the junction and road improvements at Cuckoo Corner and Prittlewell Chase are equally shameful. What about those of us who live, work or are running a business to the east of the town?

But then we all know Councillor Longley is not looking to take any seats in the east of the town.

Grow up Councillor Longley, stop making gestures and start looking at the wellbeing of Southend as a whole, not just what you tyhink will get the odd extra vote here and there.

This is what gives politics a bad name.

Mary Lewis
Glenmore Street, Southend

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