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3rd March 2007


Cars not the only priority

I HEARTEDLY agree with BJ Cole who wrote about Priory Park last week. It was given to the people of Southend by RA Jones who was a jeweller in Southend High Street, and my late husband spent many hours playing football in Priory Park and also Victory Sports ground, also given by RA Jones.

I am a motorist but there are other ways of people getting to their destinations without desecrating our park.

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Good parents can back down

I am writing on behalf of myself and my family who are able to boast six generations of Southend-on-Sea residence. As such we believe that we have a right to be heard.

We are totally opposed to the road widening scheme.

Politicians today wonder why people don't vote - maybe it's because they are not being heard. There appears to be a stubbornness from our leaders of not admitting that this is a terrible idea.

How short-sighted can a coverning body be? The finding of the Saxon King burial site could, if handled correctly, be a great money-making scheme for our local coffers. It could create jobs for local people, bring in more tourists, local education for our children and something for the local community to be proud of. These are clearly the things that we need for our town - somethign to really put us back on the map.

I beg of you, please look more closely and with a fresh pair of eyes at this issue. Help turn this matter around.

If you break down the role of government at any level, it is the same as running a home and family. Good housekeeping and parenting is not about having to win, but being able to look at your real reasons for making the decision in the first place and having the fortitude to say you were wrong and put it right.

£25m to save a driver three to five minutes is too high a price if it stands alone, when you add to that the destruction of our heritage and a priceless archaeological site. Clearly, something is very wrong.

Has anyone actually considered the risk to people, including children, actually trying to cross the road and get to the main park? How much greater will the risk be with a wider road?

K D Choat
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