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31st January 2007

The irony of Southend Council's latest award

LAST night, a 100-strong demonstration by ordinary Southend residents (Camp Bling were in the minority) disrupted a party held by Southend Council to celebrate winning an archaeological award for finding the Saxon King's burial site.

You couldn't make it up! Is this the same council that wants to bury the Saxon King's burial site under tons of concrete forever?

This council was obliged to have an exploratory dig undertaken and, having found the richest burial site imaginable, they are trying to go ahead, come what may.

Never mind the fact that costs have risen up to nine times the original estimate, making it probably the most expensive road in history.

It seems everyone you speak to except the council knows a dual carriageway will do nothing to ease the east-west traffic situation and yet they are hell bent on destroying this site and whatever else may be in the vicinity!

There may well be much more to find, because this was a random area chosen for investigation and any future digs will be strictly financially limited.

I also think it is shameful that English Heritage turned its back on the find. Are they going to get an award for supporting Saxon finds too?

Sheena Walker
Buckland, Shoeburyness

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