Yellow Advertiser
15th November, 2006


Visit to the park ruined by Tarmac

DURING half-term week I visited Priory Park. A number of things there struck me as noteworthy.

Firstly, there is the memorial to RA Jones, who left the park 'in perpetuity' to the residents of Southend. No mention there of allowing chunks of the park to be used for a madcap road-widening scheme.

Then onto the museum. It was closed. At half term, many parents struggle to keep their progeny occupied. The museum used to be both fun and educational. Is this another victim of the attacks on culture in our town by Murray Foster and his councillors.

Thirdly, how green is it to introduce cycle lanes, made of Tarmac, at the expense of grassy areas? These cycle [lanes] were not being used and to remove more of our green areas for green motives strikes me as contradictory.

The ornamental gardens were also locked. This was disappointing as it was a mild day and I quite fancied a moment in this area of tranquility.

All in all, though, Priory Park is a wonderful asset to the town. I can only commend RA Jones for his foresight and generosity.

Julian Ware-Lane,
Nelson Road, Leigh.

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