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18th October, 2006


Fears over Priory Park

RE: Priory Crescent

IF the encroachment of this development is near Priory Park, it will have a detrimental effect on the peace and quiet, and a deterioration of the environment.

If the trees are felled (117 mature trees) a lot of photosynthetic and air purifying and removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and creating life giving oxygen will be drastically reduced.

Even landscaping, after scarring this land after this possible descruction, by planting smaller trees will still not be enough to soak up the noise of the proposed traffic.

Also the fact that this site is of archaeological importance is significant and it would be the best thing for the artifacts to be housed on site as a museum to Saxon life of that period.

This must be preserved from and as an archaeological and environmental showpiece.

If we want to stop and reverse climate change, we must have an integrated transport policy, where pressure is taken off the roads and have more freight going by railway, more cycleways and more people working from home, or using railways to travel.

Any new road development will not solve traffic congestion problems long term.

Roger A Edwards
Anerley Road, Westcliff

Only 16 want road widening

SOUTHEND Council leader Murray Foster stated recently that, there is a clear majority who want to see the controversial Priory Crescent F5 road widening scheme go ahead.

However, when pressed to substatiate this claim, he could only base this upon 'people I have talked to,' rather than any official survey.

May I remind Cllr Foster that nearly 20,000 petition signatures and letters from people against the scheme were received by his authority. In addition, a survey of all homes conducted by the council showed just 16 people in favour.

Thousands upon thousands of children, families, shoppers, motorists and pensioners that we have met fail to agree.

And now it would seem that Cllr Foster is prepared to spend millions of pounds of local tax-payer's money to evict Camp Bling, in order to build a road they do not want.

What will it take for their voices to be heard?

Shaun Qureshi
Campaigner - Parklife
Priory Crescent, Southend.

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