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11th October, 2006


Council won't get it right

WHY the surprise about the Priory Crescent fiasco?

Has our council the ability or common sense to do anything right, including using 'our' money?

When this all blew up I said the solution could well be a mini ring-road round the park, would add all of the three at the most five minutes and not result in a blockage a little way on, which is what will happen if the extremely expensive and environmentally bad widening takes place.

But as many people have already pointed out, the council listens to no-one, especially us the voters.

Dawn Smith
St Augustines Avenue
Thorpe Bay

Priory's road plan is bad

AS a motorist I welcome anything that would make travelling quicker and safer.

However the widening of Priory Crescent will not ease the traffic flow in either direction.

I have rarely encountered traffic jams going east towards Shoebury until the dual carriageway and the Sutton Road roundabout.

Travelling in the other direction the hold ups are caused by having to give way at Cuckoo Corner to all the trafficgoing to Central Southend from the A127 and Manors Way.

The powers that be could tarmac all of the Priory Park and have a 10-lane Priory Crescent and it would not make one iota of difference.

D A Highland
Feeches Road

It will make traffic worse

WITH regards to the article about widening of Priory Crescent: I would be all for it if it was going to improve the traffic situation in the area.

Unless changes are also made at the Bell traffic lights all that would happen is that one would gain an extra 50 yards (if that) before one hits another traffic jam.

During rush hour the traffic is queued from the roundabout at Sutton Road, this part of Priory crescent is already dual carriageway.

All this widening is going to do is move the chaos on to the next junction.

With 2,000 more homes going to be built at Shoebury and a football Stadium at Fossetts farm, the council needs to think of real solutions 'not this will be okay for five years'.

Terry Bekir
e-mail address supplied

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