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16th July, 2006

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Widen road or stop working

THE Priory Crescent widening is in the news again and due to the Governemnt considering other areas a bigger priority, it looks like we will have to put up with at least another year of traffic jams.

I try to avoid using the existing road where possible by driving round Sutton Road or East Street but these are now also getting jammed up.

One thing is clear, Southend should certainly not develop the east of the town until this road is built or a viable alternative is produced.

The Priory widening is obviously necessary but is not the complete solution.

Junctions along the A127 will need to be upgraded in the future and underpasses built. This can only be achieved when funds are available but making this section of road a dual carriageway must be the first step.

It has been reported that the estimated cost of the road has increased to £21million but with no explanation why.

I believe a more basic construction could be supplied without the luxury of a new junction at Cuckoo Corner, as I am sure the existing roundabout access could be modified to accommodate the wider road. Cuckoo Corner should really be made into an underpass which has not been included in the current scheme.

To spend a great deal on upgrading the junction for the widened road only to replace it again in the future seems an unnecessary waste, as this junction must be a large part of the estimated costs.

It has been reported that to clear illegal campers from Camp Bling would cost up to £1million, which would not be includued in the Government funds for the road.

I cannot see why the people of Southend should be expected to pay for this. The campers should foot the bill.

Alan James
Belchamps Way, Hockley

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