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February 15, 2006

Knight at Camp Bling
ARMOUR-GEDDON? Camp Bling protesters have set up this suit of armour at the Prittlewell site. They say bulldozing the site to widen a road would be disastrous
Picture: Mark Cleveland

Bling camp wants some answers on road costs

By Steve Neale

ANTI-ROAD protesters have lodged 11 information requests with Soutehnd Council over plans for making Priory Crescent a dual carriageway.

The questions, placed under the Freedom of Information Act, relate to the cost of the road scheme, estimated at £27.5million.

Shaun Qureshi, of the Parklife campaign group, is one of several protesters living at Camp Bling in an attempt to prevent the site being bulldozed.

Historians believe the area was the burial site of a Saxon King, and campaigners gave it the name because the grave, unearthed in 2003, held so many golden objects - 'bling' being slang for flashy or ostentatious.

Mr Qureshi said: "We look forward to getting some answers. We demand that the Government refuses the additional funding bid, and if they don't we shall continue to challenge it through the appropriate processes, and through direct action if necessary."

The camp is believed to be the only one in Britain currently 'dug in' to try to stop a road.

A spokesman for Southend Council said a decision over whether to release the information would be taken soon.

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