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February 8, 2006

Camp Bling fights on...

THE £1million a week 'Bling' eviction?

On Friday 27th January, an unelected body including the leader of the Southend Council, made a decision behind closed doors in another county, regarding the future of one of the most controversial road schemes that we have ever seen.

In favour of widening the A127/A1159 Priory Crescent were Southend Council with 16 letters of support from a survey covering 70,000 households.

Their case included a piece of flawed journey time analysis which showed that just three minutes could be saved on a morning journey to London, if all of the subsequent junctions to the west are ignored.

And against?

Many more than 20,000 letters and petition signatures, felling of 111 trees in and around Priory Park, concreting of 3000m2 of public open space, and the destruction of the most significant archaeological site found in 65 years since Sutton Hoo (which will end up under a 10ft road embankment).

Anna Waite, Southend Council leader, stated in advance of Friday's meeting that the road will go ahead.

That is not a democratic process. And their tactics in response to our requests?

To try to take dow nthe Bling fence, putting families with small children at risk, and to ignore our democratic pleas.

The alternative is peaceful but direct action by the people of our town.,/p>

Now we will force the issue to the forefront.

Cancel the road or face the consequences, the people of Southend have had enough.

Shaun Qureshi
Campaigner - Parklife
Camp Bling
1 King's Burial
Priory Crescent

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