Southend Times
November 13, 2001


It's now up to the residents of Southend to have their say on whether or not Southend Council should go ahead with their plans to ease the traffic congestion along Priory Crescent by dualling the road.

The proposals will be included in the next issue of the council's newspaper, CIVIC NEWS and residents will be asked to give thier verdict. The council have promised all along that they would consult widely once they had made a decision on what option to recommend.

The leader of the council, Charles Latham said once they had considered the response to the CIVIC NEWS he hoped they would be in a position to make a recommendation to the council in the early part of next year.

He then anticipated that the rest of next year would be taken up with the drawing up of designs - and the work would get underway in 2003.

So far...
THEY HAVE REJECTED an underpass or flyover at Cuckoo Corner because of the scale of property loss and environmental damage that would result and becase an underpass would be well beyond the financial resources available.

THEY HAVE REJECTED a one way system or gyratory around Priory Crescent/Victoria Avenue because they would create aditional problems to traffic movement, in particular at the junction of Fairfax Drive/Victoria avenue/Priory Crescent as well as damaging the park and the environment of residents along the southern part of Priory Crescent.

THEY HAVE REJECTED doing nothing and accepting continuing congestion.

THEY HAVE REJECTED any scheme that means taking up any part of Priory Park.

Their recommendation is on this page.

  • The introduction of a traffic signal controlled junction at Cuckoo Corner as part of an integrated traffic signal scheme for the borough.
  • The improvement to the carriageway along Priory Crescent which avoids taking land from Priory Park for the carriageway.
  • An additional bridge being constructed across the railway line.
Even though they have decided not to infringe on the park, protesters are still not happy.

Peter Walker, chairman of the Priory Park Preservation Society, said this week that the collection of signatures to their petition would continue - they are already up to 12,000 - and the petition would be presented to the council in the latter stages of the consultation process.

He maintained that the council proposal still infringed on the park.

He said: "I have the document drawn up by R.A. Jones where he clearly states that the piece of land just beyond the car showroom, on the left going up to the railway bridge should be maintained with shrubs as an open space.

"That would have to go - and is technically part of the park, and used by wildlife, even though a road divides it from the park.

"There are 40 mature trees that will go, too.

"We are continuing our campaign and this week 10,000 copies of our latest newsletter are being distributed."

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