Southend Standard
14 Match, 2008

Lib Dems' promise on road plan

A CONTROVERSIAL road widening scheme next to Priory Park in Southend will be dumped if Lib Dems take over form the Conservatives in May.

Group leader Graham Longley said teh £10million plan for a dual cariageway and seven sets of traffi lights at Cuckoo Corner was "totally unacceptable".

The Lib Dems, Labour and Independents are battling hard to oust Tories in key seats across the town at the May 1 election, which could leave the Conservatives without a majority.

If the Tories do lose overall control, the Lib Dems could form a coalition with Labour and Independent councillors to form an administration.

Mr Longley added: "We would say that this is our policy and ask other parties to support us."

He said he would ask council officials to come up with an alternative scheme to ease traffic so £10million of Government cash was not lost.

He added: "We would want the officers to come up with a more appropriate scheme taking account of residents' wishes."

Mr Longley admitted the Lib Dems had originally been supporters of the scheme and actually put the project forward.

He added: "When it first arose in 1989-90, it was cheaper and we believed turning Priory Crescent into a dual carriageway would give a lot of benefit to the town.

"Now we believe there are better ways of doing things, especially with possible work at the Fairfax Drive junction."

Council leader Nigel Holdcroft said: "First of all, I am confident we are not going to lose control of the council as we have a very strong list of candidates standing. If there were to be a hung council, then I would hope other parties would support us over the whole range of policies and not one single issue."

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