Southend Standard
June 9, 2006

Traffic lights will ease road's chaos

IT'S disgusting that a small group of councillors can make such a catastrophic decision to widen Priory Crescent in Southend.

The estimated cost of this proposed "improvement" is now £30million - ludicrous!

It is not the long-term answer to reducing the twice daily traffic jams. Why not try traffic lights at Cuckoo Corner?

I add my gratitude to all at Camp Bling for standing up for something so important.

Broadway, Hockley

...HAS anyone written to English Heritage, or other bodies, with an interest in our past about the proposed road plan for Priory Crescent, Southend?

Surely it should not be left to the eco-warriors alone, the only ones to care. Petrol prices are going up, and most commuters could go by rail.

The problem may not be so noticable in a few years time, and people may have learnt to value their heritage.

Glendale Gardens

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