Press release: Give Way and Stop the road

For: 24th April 2008


Campaigners call for Anna Waite to give way and stop the road prior to Full Council Meeting.

When: 6pm, 24th April 2008
Where: Steps of Southend Civic Centre
Contact: Denis Walker, Priory Park Preservation Society


Protest at the Civic Centre

Anna Waite is attempting to divert the electorate's attention away from the real issues of the contraversial Priory Crescent road widening scheme. Her recent comments in local media downplay both the scale and the potential impact of the road.

The latest proposal still involves the dualling of half of Priory Crescent, some 427m in length from the Cuckoo Corner roundabout. Revised plans show that this will lead to the loss of 49 trees, many of which are mature, as well as an incursion into the Park to accomodate the displaced southern pavement. This would lead to a fundamental change in the character of the northern side of Priory Park.

Protesters at Camp Bling have repeatedly made the commitment that once the road has been scrapped, they will clear the site of the Saxon King's burial and vacate it. Camp spokesperson, Peta Mason, said "We have given the Conservative group the opportunity to scrap the scheme in order to save the taxpayer further expense and to finally acknowledge both public and cross-party opposition."

Denis Walker, secretary of the Priory Park Preservation Society, said "We already know about the £1.875m wasted by the Council up until July 2006, but we're still waiting to find out how much more has been spent on consultants' fees in developing the latest plan."

Three Freedom of Information requests about the costs remain unanswered and Anna Waite's justifications for the scheme remain unsubstantiated.


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