[Yellow Ribbon] Council Cabinet Meeting - 5th Mar 2002

Meeting discussing Report No. DTES 0235

Around twenty members of the public attended the Cabinet meeting, of which around half were PPPS members.

The meeting was chaired by Cllr Roger Weaver, as Cllr Charles Latham was on holiday.

Agenda item 19 (LTP Major Scheme - Priory Crescent and Cuckoo Corner Public Consultation - Report of Director of Technical & Environmental Services No. DTES 0235) was moved to the beginning of the meeting, as Cllr Weaver believed that the majority of the people in the Public Gallery were interested in this item.

David Watts - Have received more letters in response to the Civic news since the 95 mentioned in the report.

Some petitions were submitted before option F5 was selected.

6000 coupons from the Yellow Advertiser have been delivered since the consultation period ended.

Roger Weaver - Letters of support have been received from Adventure Island and Seafront Lighting Company.

J.K.M. Krawiec (Town Clerk) - The press have reported that legal proceedings have commenced. The Council has not received any legal documents regarding this.

However, a letter has been received from Mr Peter Walker with signatures from local residents. It is the Council's opinion that this does not change point 6.5 of the report.

Roger Weaver - This is a Local Authority issue. Councillors (whether in the Cabinet or not) are allowed to speak, members of the public are not

Ann Holland - Does the scheme not need pavement?
Roger Weaver - Road doesn't go into park

Ann Holland - Has been round the park with an arboriculturalist whose opinion is that a lot of the trees around the park won't live for another year. Would the possibility of replacing some of the trees with fully mature 60' trees be considered?
Roger Weaver - Yes

Roger Weaver - The Local Tranport Plan (LTP) was drawn up after an 18-month public enquiry that took place in 1992 and involved 200 groups of people. Wouldn't dual Priory Crescent in isolation.

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