Evening Echo
December 1, 2005

Christiana's new mission

  • Seasoned campaigner - Christiana Tugwell, with son Aaron at the protest camp. Picture: ANNA LUKALA
  • GREEN campaigner Christiana Tugwell and her young son Aaron have joined the "Camp Bling" anti-road protest.

    Christiana hit the headlines in 1999 when, aged just 15, she camped on land near her home in Hockley in a vain attempt to stop a housing estate being built.

    Now she is among stalwarts braving the freezing temperatures at a protest camp near Priory Park, Southend. They aim to thwart plans to widen the Priory Crescent [to make it a] dual-carriageway.

    Southend Council last night said it was pressing ahead with the road project, which has been approved at public inquiry.

    A spokeswoman said: "It is inevitable people who continue to take a different view of the scheme will want to express their feelings, which they are free to do.

    "The council does intend to implement the scheme, subject to receiving confirmation the Government will fund the full revised cost.

    "The number of protesters who are taking up residence in the area has risen in recent weeks. They have put up makeshift buildings, which obviously they haven't been granted planning permission for.

    "However, their actions have so far been peaceful and we will carry on keeping an eye on the situation."

    The camp is nicknamed Camp Bling because it is on the site of the Saxon king's grave.


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