Evening Echo
January 28, 2002

Park protesters find majority against road plan

[High Street Survey]
Campaign - Jon Fuller, of Friends of the Earth, Shaun Qureshi, of Parklife and Sue Steer, of Karers question the public over the Priory Park issue
A COALITION of groups protesting against the proposed wideining of Priory Crescent, Southend, have discovered overwhelming opposition to the plan.

Representatives from the Priory Park Preservation Society were joined by members of Karers, Friends of the Earth and the Green Party to conduct a public survey among shoppers.

Dozens of people were quizzed by protesters on a windswept day. The groups are calling for Priory Park and its surroundings to be preserved in their entirety. In response, 408 people backed the call and ten were against.

Shaun Qureshi, Parklife campaigner, said, "We have repeatedly highlighted massive public opposition to the road building scheme. We demand that a full and open public consultation be undertaken by Southend Council immediately."

Southend Council has repeatedly insisted consultation on the issue will take place.

Environmentalists are concerned that the widening of Priory Crescent in an attempt to relieve traffic congestion will see the felling of mature trees.

The council has pledged to plant two new trees for each one removed.

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