Evening Echo
Tuesday October 10, 2006


Are you listening to us Murray?

SOUTHEND Council leader Murray Foster stated in the Echo that, in his view, there are a clear majority who want to see the Priory Crecent road widening scheme go ahead (Sept 26).

However, when pressed to substantiate this claim, he could only base this upon "people I have talked to," rather than any official survey.

May I remind Mr Foster nearly 20,000 petition signatures and letters from people against the scheme were received by his authority, by the end of the official consultation period in 2002.

In addition, a survey of all homes conducted by the council at the time showed just 16 people in favour.

Times may change, costs may go up (from £3.5m to possibly £25m), and protest sites may appear, but even a recent poll by echo-news.co.uk showed 69 per cent of the 345 people responding online were still opposed.

Clearly the majority are against the plan.

The well-worn phrases "I am disappointed they (Bling) still feel the need to be there," and there has been a, "clear democratic process" appear once again. We must be talking about different issues, because the thousands upon thousands of children, families, shoppers, motorists and pensioners we have met fail to agree.

Now it would seem Mr Foster is prepared to spend millions of pounds of local taxpayer's money to evict Camp Bling, in order to build a road they do not want.

What will it take for their voices to be heard?

Camp Bling,
Priory Crescent,

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