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Friday October 6, 2006

Stadium drives Blues to offer road cash

  • Political reporter

    Club offers to help ease traffic woes

    SOUTHEND United may contribute money for road improvements at Cuckoo Corner if the planned dualling of Priory Crescent is not done in time for its new stadium to open.

    Blues chairman Ron Martin said Priory Crescent being made a dual carriageway was seen as very important for the club.

    He said the road provided vital access for the proposed stadium, hotel and shopping complex at Fossetts Farm.

    Mr Martin said: "As I understand it, the only reason the scheme is being held up is it is waiting for the Government to provide the available funding for the work to be carried out.

    "Due to the importance of access from the A127., we would be happy to talk to Southend Council about immprovements at Cuckoo Corner if the new dual carriageway is not ready when the stadium is complete." Southend Council confirmed the authority was still waiting for news on Priory Crescent funding from the Government.

    Brian Kelly, executive finance concillor, said this was the only hold-up as a planning inquiry had already ruled in favour of the scheme.

    He said: "I think some opposition members of the council have lobbied the Government agaisint the proposals, so it hs slipped down in the order of priorities.

    "Some of those with higher priority are held up for various reasons, so I am optimistic we should be hearing something soon."

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