Evening Echo
Tuesday October 3, 2006

No benefit claimants here at Camp Bling

AS a resident of Camp Bling, I would like to assure W H Dimient that we are indeed self-financed.

"Eco-warrior" is a term often applied, but in fact, we are just very average people trying to make a difference. The majority of us are local people who pursue professional careers, locally or in London. We pay our taxes and commute to work from Camp Bling. Many of us also still maintain homes in the area - we will need somewhere to live when the campaign is over. We therefore continue to pay full council tax.

Others on-site include mature students and pensioners. Nobody there is claiming benefits, though even if they were, why would it be such a problem?

Many people in Southend claim benefits, but their lifestyle c hoices are not questioned in such a way.

We at Bling are not looking for a "Utopia", or indeed a rent-free existence. We have given up home comforts to fight this road scheme, betcause it is the best way to influence a funding decision.

We hope our presence and the cost of eviction will help convince the Government the scheme is not viable and should therefore be cancelled. We will then clean up the site and return home.

I would invite readers to consider paying us a visit. Come and meet us, see the site, hear our reasons for setting up the camp, then make up your minds.

This constant reference to our working status deflects from the real issue - a road costing the taxpayer in excess of £25million and the loss of the Saxon king's burial site.

Camp Bling resident,
Harrisons Wharf, Purfleet

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