Evening Echo
May 23, 2006

Useless road will cost tax payers dear

I AM [concerned(?)] that Camp Bling could cost us £500,000 (May 15), but there was not a word on the fact that the council could cost us £20million if this useless road goes ahead!

It is the tax payer who will be funding the dual carriageway which local people know will make no difference to the congestion all along this route.

The Echo talks of the democratic process, well what about public consultation? The lack of it was criticised by the inquiry.

Do the signatures of 20,000 people count for nothing? All this was before the escalating cost was known.

Even if you personally have no interest in history, the site of the Saxon king is of interantional importance.

Is it because it's in Southend that it doesn't matter if its buried under concrete?

Buckland, Shoebury

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