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Guarding the king

I AM pleased that the idea to take down the Camp Bling fence has been sheved.

Wasn't the fence left to protect this sacred site from "gold diggers" wanting to dig probably at night with their metal detectors, as many people believe there are more graves/treasures on this site.

Camp Bling eco warriors are protecting not just our beautiful trees and Priory Park, but also this sacred site, our Saxon king's final resting place. They are in fact, saving Southend Council a lot of money as unpaid night watchmen.

Does anyone remember this site before the dig? A nice bit of tree-lined greenery, but often like many tree-lined green central reservations near houses with neat gardens and some lazy owners, are used as dog toilets. When the park was shut at night this lovely green space was used instead, often with rubbish being discarded by passing motorists.

I have since been back to this site now Camp Bling. It is now spotlessly clean, no rubbish and despite two well-behaved dogs on site, there's no sign of dog fouling.

These people are truly looking after our heritage.

So thank you all at Camp Bling. You are all nice friendly people. You invited me in, when I didn't have the courage to enter.

I'm glad I came to pay a visit, you made me so welcome.

I just had to thank you all for what you are trying to do, not just saving our park but also our heritage.

Cranley Avenue, Westcliff

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