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Camp Bling protesters - today's freedom fighters

Dear editor,

IF I may comment on Camp Bling. Stories have long been told on Canvey Island when the foundations for the gas terminal were dug, the remains of a Viking Longboat were found, disregarded and concreted over.

Several years later, plans were put forward by the Haystack pub to be extended. This was opposed and the old pub was given listed status.

On the very night that the preservation order was granted, a mysterious fire damaged the building os theextension went ahead.

A few years later, the old Canvey Island lighthouse was destroyed and yet another landmark was gone.

How often hasve we read about the destruction of the rows of ancient trees woodlands and buildings?

If we were to gather all of our losses we would see destruction on a scale equal to a bombed city.

But this attack has not come from terrorists or an army; they have simply fallen foul of market forces.

The supporters of projects such as Camp Bling are, perhaps unwittingly, the freedom fighters on the front line of a ware against an enemy that has already broken down communities and destroyed our children's historical inheritance.

Yours sincerely, Bob Chapman, Canvey Island

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