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Wednesday 20th June 2007

Changes to Priory Crescent
Road Improvement Scheme

Responding to residents views, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is exploring new plans for the Priory Crescent Road Improvement Scheme.

Leading members of the Council are discussing the future of the proposed scheme with Senior Civil Servants at the Department for Transport (DfT).

The new Leader and Executive Councillor for Transport and Planning have factored in residents' concerns with the original plans and are now developing a revised scheme to improve traffic flows that avoid the expensive elements of the original proposal. The alternative plans will take into account the future developments at the airport as well as retaining the opportunity to improve the access to the east of the town.

Councillor Nigel Holdcroft, Leader of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, says: "We are pleased that we are moving the scheme forward. We have always been conscious that residents want to see improvements to roads in the area take place soon and we have listened to them. Following discussions with DfT we are rescoping the programme, but still delivering with the same improvements to traffic flows. Changes to the original scheme mean these improvements will be made more quickly and will prove better value for money.

"If we upgrade the transport infrastructure of the area we will boost the regeneration opportunities in not just the east of the borough but the whole of Southend."

Councillor Anna Waite, Executive Councillor for Transport and Planning, says: "Upgrading Southend's transport infrastructure is vitally important to the future of our town.

"However, as well as looking at this we want to safeguard and enhance the site of the Saxon King's commemorative site. Protecting our heritage is one of our key concerns."

Improvements will now focus on the critical Cuckoo Corner roundabout. The land to the east of the railway bridge will no longer be subject to a compulsory purchase order and the area currently occupied by the unauthorised encampment will no longer be directly affected by the plans and will be carefully landscaped to reflect the importance of the site. The railway bridge itself will be excluded from the scheme. The cost is estimated to be in he order of £10.8 million.

For more information please contact:
Councillor Nigel Holdcroft, Leader of the Council, on 01702 214008
Councillor Anna Waite, Executive Councillor for Transport and Planning, on 01702 217554
Emma Thomas, Media & Communications Manager, on 01702 215020 or email

Sketch of the new proposal
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