[Yellow Ribbon] Priory Park Preservation Society
Chairman's Report, AGM 14/07/2009

Well, who’d have thought it?

In 2001, Southend Borough Council decided that they wanted to build a dual carriageway.

In 2009, they changed their mind. It’s been a long 8 years.

Everyone involved in this campaign has done a magnificent job. However, there is no doubt that Shaun Qureshi and the residents of Camp Bling deserve the highest accolades. At huge personal discomfort and inconvenience they have been pilloried by the local press, they have been the target of arson attacks and assaults, they have survived 4 winters, this last a long and bitter one, yet they have stayed the course and served this town selflessly. They have done so with dignity.

When it came to the dismantling of the camp, they have done so with no council help whatever, two weeks ahead of target and under budget. Their efforts have saved the taxpayer more than £25 million. More to the point, they have Saved Priory Park in its entirety for future generations’ perpetual public use.

Thanks, chaps!

Peter Walker
PPPS Chairman

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