[Yellow Ribbon] Minutes of AGM, 2008

5th June 2008, 7:30pm, Temple Sutton Primary School

The meeting was opened by the secretary Denis Walker, acting for Peter Walker who was unwell and unable to attend.

Apologies for absence

Chairman’s report

Denis Walker read Peter Walker’s report to the meeting. This year the report emphasised the wider environmental issues which warrant opposition to the council’s scheme, the rapidly increasing cost of oil which would reduce car use, the local elections and the fact that still, after 7 years, the council has still been held at bay.

The report provoked a lengthy debate in which most in attendance contributed. The issues touched upon were: -

The meeting strayed into discussion of other detrimental council initiatives, for example plans to relocate the swimming pool out of town. Denis Walker mentioned that, in another capacity, he would be visiting Renaissance Southend and would be seeking to encourage a more responsible approach to development.

Treasurer’s Report

Denis Walker read Michael Downer’s Treasurer’s report. He added a few words of explanation on a few points. The meeting accepted the report, with agreement that PPPS finances were being well managed.

The closing bank balance led people to discuss fund raising options. People agreed the campaign needed to raise funds, particularly if we are to issue more newsletters and properly influence councillors.

One member mentioned that he had spoken to Sam Newton of Sutton Hoo. It was said that Sam is a lecturer with a specialist knowledge of Saxon history and would doubtless make a fascinating speaker at a public meeting. It was suggested that a meeting should be arranged, perhaps in Priory Park, and be used as a fund raiser for the group.

An associated point made was that English Heritage (EH) might be invited and this might be an opportunity to challenge EH to change its views on the value of the discovery. People felt it was ludicrous that an EH representative had said the site was of no value, and the proposed public meeting might provide an opportunity to challenge this and force a rethink.

Elections of officers.

The meeting noted the willingness of current members to carry on and voted on each position in turn: -

ChairmanPeter WalkerElected unanimously
TreasurerMichael Downer"
SecretaryDenis Walker"
Ex-officioJon Fuller
Val Cook
Sheena Walker


  1. A plea was made for voluntary contributions to be made to PPPS.
  2. Denis Walker mentioned the Friends of the Earth bio-fuels campaign and sought the completion of campaign postcards.

Jon Fuller
Acting PPPS Secretary

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