[Yellow Ribbon] Minutes of AGM, 2006

25th May 2006, 8:00pm, Temple Sutton Primary School

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received via Peter for absence of son Denis, our Secretary due to his hospitalisation in early hours this morning for replacement kidney. General expressions of sympathy for Peter from members.

2. Chairman's Report

The Chairman's Report was accepted without vote. Jon congratulated Shaun Qureshi and Parklife for 'Camp Bling' and keeping issue in public eye via their petitins and demos at considerable personal sacrifice of comfort and potential risk. He also spoke of past committee campaigns (Edinburgh) and future ones (Lincoln) against responsible minister over F5.

Peter, Jon and Michael criticised Soutehnd Echo over its biassed attitude to scheme F5 and Peter expanded on his chairman's comments. Michael mentioned he had re-submitted part of his previous letter which had been deleted over 'democratic' claims.

3. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's Report was accepted after treasurer explained nature of campaign business. Members agreed to further expenditure of £100.

Anna Waite's departure mentioned by member leading to her estimiate of £500,000 eviction costs for Camp Bling and her suggestion that her departure rigged by Lib-Dem/Labour being in cahoots over election papers loss. Peter knows Ron Kennedy to be a totally honest, generous but allegedly disorganised person, to explain loss ('They will probably turn up under pile of paper'). Treasurer mentioned Alec Bunn's (Tory) role in leafletting in support of Lib-Dem who won his seat.

4. The Election of Officers

Peter asked Michael to ask Peter ot leave the room. Michael asked members whether they were happy that present committee continue - affermative. Praise for Peter & committee.

5. Any other business

Committee mentioned council meeting of Feb 23 and how the public questions of Alec Bunn, Denis Walker and Michael Downer concerning costs incurred by council re Atkins consultants fees & hire of Barrister Bedford at inquiry received unsatisfactory answers. Also Michael was approached by Rocher Weaver after with comments that the answers should not be accepted and to pursue council. Alec Bunn would have no discussion with him. Peter mentioned Shaun Qureshi's petition actions in High Street and his chained demo at GO-East and Michael spoke of demo on Jan 27th outside Ipswich County Hall involving about 12 from Southend & about 20 others on various transport issues. EERA meeting - police banned our entering (even to urinate) Reduced to chanting & music.

Peter talked about John Hall and his boss Nick Harris and the failure to implement promises to inform Park public regarding tree removal/and or planting (also elsewhere). He will, time permitting, endevour to pursue this further with Harris.

The meeting closed shortly after 9.00pm.

Michael Downer
Acting PPPS Secretary

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