[Yellow Ribbon] Priory Park Preservation Society
Treasurer's Report, AGM 24/05/2005

Bank balance 24th May 2004 £1,839.75
Bank balance 24th May 2005 £1,812.23
Interest £1.48
Standing Order £9.00
Stamps £38.00
Costs still to be recovered
Stamps £33.60
Hire of hall AGM 2004 £50.00
Hire of hall AGM 2005 £50.00
Final balance £1,678.63

We have not succeeded in recovering the £800 fees from our solicitors we deemed owing to us.

As you will hear, one of your committee, Alex Bunn, has suggested that members might like the PPPS to contribute to the planting of some 'Semi Mature' trees in Priory Park as a positive sign of our on-going commitment to its enhancement.

Michael Downer
24th May 2005

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