[Yellow Ribbon] Priory Park Preservation Society
Treasurer's Report, AGM 10/06/2003

Owing to pressure of business Joe Shields resigned as treasurer of the society after giving sterling service, at the beginning of October 2002. I was made an offer which I should have refused, to act as treasurer. Owing to the labyrinthine procedure involved in this simple transfer at HSBC bank, I only received a statement directly from them at the beginning of March. I have just managed (I hope) to make the bank's figures agree with mine.

Balance at 3/10/02 £3270.63
Balance at 27/5/03
Money received as donations during above period £726.53
Money received as Standing orders in above period £669
Bank interest
Outgoings between 3/10/02 and 27/5/03
Solicitors fees £2000
Temple Sutton Primary School for printing £365
Stamps on circulars to members £35.11
1 bad cheque
Cheques and cash still to be paid into bank £57
Stamp costs still to be recovered £61.60

No bill has been received from Peter walker for the costs involved in producing his report to GO-East and in many other undertakings.

It is only the generous donations of a small number of members and the ongoing commitment of the twenty two who have signed mandates for Standing Orders that have enabled us to continue the fight. Many members having given their initial members fee, continue to believe that solicitors, The Royal Mail, etc. should give their services free and that there is no need for further contributions.

Standing orders from all our members for a small monthly amount would make an enormous differnce to our fighting fund.

Michael Downer

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