[Yellow Ribbon] Minutes of AGM, 2003

10th June 2003, 7:30pm, Temple Sutton Primary School


Initials Name
ABAlex Bunn
VCVal Cook
MDMichael Downer
CFChris Ford
JFJon Fuller
MFMartin Fuller
JSJoe Shields
CSCarole Shorney
PWPeter Walker

1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from the following people:

2. Chairman's Report

A copy of the Chairman's Report can be found here.

After Peter Walker read his report, he accepted questions from the floor.

Chris Ford asked PW to explain why he and his wife were no longer on the committee. PW replied that this was explained in his report - the rest of the committee felt that it was not possible for them to continue to function to the best of their ability with CF and Mrs Ford on the committee.

Val Cook informed the AGM that Roger Weaver was currently not allowed to hold an executive position in the Council and this is why he was made Deputy Mayor.

Michael Downer raised the issue of speed of journey between The Bell and the Sutton Road roundabout. This is almost exactly a mile. Traffic lights allowing a right turn into the Norwich Union premises and Toucan crossings at the existing location of the Puffin Crossing and a new one near the Cuckoo Corner junction would all act to hold up traffic on the proposed dual carriageway. The Aldi supermarket also want lights controlling the junction to their car park, meaning that where there is currently one set of lights, the new road would require four. The point was made that this stretch of Priory Crescent is not just a freight route (only 6% of traffic on the road is HGVs), it is also a residential, amenity and commercial access road and these purposes are better served by the existing single carriageway. It was also stated in the Council's document that their figures take no account of development to the east of the town and so although their current figures show that the road would reach capacity by the year 2020, it is, in actual fact likely to be far sooner than this.

Discussion then moved to the road scheme's provision for pedestrians and cyclists. The meeting was informed that when questioned about the proposed path through Priory Park as a replacement for the pavement on the south side of the road former councillor, Mike Dolby told one of the society's members that "no-one ever uses the footpath at night" and therefore it didn't matter that the park was closed and so there was no provision for pedestrian access on the south side of Priory Crescent at night.

AB asked what the society should do next in the fight against the council. PW answered that it was very difficult to plan ahead as the society's main function is to counter the Council's arguments as they are made. Nevertheless, the suggestion was made that members should pursue a line of enquiry relating to other parts of the Integrated Transport Plan that have not yet been implemented, such as the new Bus Station, which accounted for £4.6 million of the original budget supplied by central government.

The Chairman's report was accepted by the AGM.

3. Treasurer's Report

A copy of the Treasurer's Report can be found here.

AB made the point that it isn't as clear what the society is getting for its money with the current solicitor, Richard Buxton as with the previous one.

The issue of fund-raising was brought up by Joe Shields. He, and a number of other members feel that the society should move away from direct fund raising - "begging" letters, etc. and focus more on fund raising events such as barbecues, fêtes and car boot sales. This issue was discussed further in agenda point 5.

The Treasurer's report was accepted by the AGM.

4. Election of Officers

Position Nominee Proposer Seconder
Chairman Peter Walker Michael Downer Jon Fuller
Secretary Denis Walker Alex Bunn Jon Fuller
Treasurer Michael Downer Jon Fuller Mike Conway
Media/PR Post to be merged with Chairman Jon Fuller Michael Downer
Membership Doris Banning Peter Walker Jon Fuller
Ex-officio Jon Fuller Peter Walker Michael Downer
Alex Bunn Peter Walker Michael Downer
Val Cook Jon Fuller Michael Conway
Michael Conway Val Cook Alex Bunn

5. Any other business

AB suggested that the membership of the society should be more regularly updated with the progress of the campaign. CS pointed out that it wasn't possible to tell the membership everything. CF added that not telling the membership anything over a period of 12 months was not acceptable. He said that the only letter sent out was a fund raising letter. It was pointed out that this had not been the case - there was a number of letters, and the fund raising letter that CF mentioned included an update on the campaign.

JS said that "begging" letters were not the way to raise funds - the society should organise events for this purpose. JF pointed out that anyone could run an event - it didn't have to be a committee member - and that anyone with an idea for an event should contact a member of the committee so that their event could be publicised.

CS suggested that members (particularly those on Priory Crescent) could open their gardens to the public as a fund raiser - this has been done successfully elsewhere for a number of charities.

VC suggested that joint events could be held with other groups, such as Parklife, Karers and the Green Party. She suggested a barbecue. JF pointed out that the society should certainly keep in contact with other groups, but they come from a different direction and may not be prepared to make a contribution to PPPS. AB said that he suspected Parklife would be better at organising a barbecue than the PPPS.

CF pointed out that the society has around 200 members, and the initial meeting before the society was formed was attended by over 300 people, but that only 31 people attended this AGM. A number of people stated that this is common to most groups - that after an initial surge of interest, numbers will drop.

CF suggested that the £5 lifetime membership should be withdrawn and that it should be replaced with an annual subscription. DW suggested that instead of this, lifetime membership could be left as it is but instead, an annual subscription to the society's newsletter could be charged. JF said that all members should receive the newsletter and therefore, an annual membership fee was a better idea. MD pointed out that standing order mandate holders should not have to pay the membership fee, but it will come from their standing order. JF then officially proposed that the life membership fee should be withdrawn and replaced with an annual subscription. This was seconded by Michael Downer. The AGM voted on this proposal and it was carried by in excess of a 2/3 majority.

AB wanted to emphasise the fact that the campaign as so far been successful - the Council has not yet cut down any trees.

MF asked that briefing material be included in the society newsletter so that members could put the arguments against the scheme to other people (at social functions, etc).

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