This Indenture

made the Thirty-first day of December One thousand nine hundred and twenty three Between The Southend-on-Sea Estates Company Limited having its registered address at Clarence Chambers Clarence Street Southend-on-Sea (hereafter called "the Donors") of the one part and The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the County Borough of Southend-on-Sea aforesaid acting by the Council of the said County Borough (hereinafter called "the Corporation") of the other part Whereas the Donors are seised for an estate of inheritance in fee simple in the possession free from incumbrances of and in the hereditaments hereinafter described and intended to be hereby conveyed and have offered to the Corporation and the Corporation has agreed to accept the said piece of parcel of land to be held by them subject to the stipulations hereinafter expressed and so that the same shall in all respects form part of the Priory Park Prittlewell Southend-on-Sea aforesaid Now this Indenture witnesseth that in pursuance of the said agreement The Donors hereby grant and convey unto the Corporation All that piece or parcel of land situate at Prittlewell Southend-on-Sea aforesaid and forming part of an Estate of the Donors called or intended to be called The Priory Avenue Estate and containing Two acres or thereabouts which piece or parcel of land is with the boundaries and admeasurements thereof (be the same little more or less) more particularly delineated in the Plan drawn on these presents and thereon coloured pink To hold the same Unto and To the use of the Corporation and their assigns subject to the restrictions and stipulations hereinafter mentioned. To the intent that the said hereditaments shall be included with and forever form part of Priory Park aforesaid And the Corporation hereby covenant with the Donors that:

  1. The said hereditaments hereby conveyed shall forthwith be included with and form part of Priory Park aforesaid
  2. The frontage to the new road ??? cause of constructoin along the east side of the hereditaments hereby conveyed shall be fenced by the Corporation with a suitable fence appropriate for a Public Park
  3. Without the consent in writing of the Donors or their assigns first had and obtained no building or erection other than the fence before mentioned shall be erected on the said hereditaments hereby conveyed
And the Donors hereby covenant with the Corporation that on the Corporation completing the erection of the said fence the Donors will forthwith erect a brick wall on the southern boundary of the said hereditaments hereby conveyed so as to complete the fencing in of the hereditaments ehreby conveyed And it is hereby declared that the same covenants for title shall be deemed to be implied by these presents on the part of the Donors as if this Conveyance had been made for value and they had conveyed and had been expressed to convey the said piece or parcel of land as beneficial owners And the Donors hereby acknowledge the right of the Corporation to production of the documents of title specification the Schedule hereto (possession of which is retained by the Donors) and to delivery of copies thereof and hereby undertake for the safe custody thereof In witness whereof the Donors and the Corporation have hereto caused their Common Seals to be affixed the day and year first above written.

The Schedule above referred to

7th March 1898 Indenture of Conveyance between Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes Neave Brand(?) of the first part The Reverend John Whitaker Maitland and Edward Digby Hildyard of the second part The Honourable Dame Gwyn Gertrude Neave of the third part and Thomas Dowsett John Granger Sadd and Alfred Granger Sadd of the fourth part
29th August (April?) 1901 Indenture of Conveyance between Thomas Dowsett Alfred Granger Mary Ann Sadd Mary Ann Price Sadd John Price Sadd and Herbert Eustace Sadd of the first part Herbert Arthur Dowsett of the second part the said Mary Ann Sadd of the third part the said Mary Ann Price Sadd the said John Price Sadd Selina Jane Cocks Harvy William Sadd Jane Laura ??? ??? Alfred Sadd the said Herbert Eustace Sadd Edith Gertrude Sadd Myra Eleanor Brown and the Reverend Arthur Joseph Sadd of the fourth part and the SOuthend-on-Sea Estates Company Limited of the fifth part.
23rd May 1901 Statutory Declaration by the said Mary Ann Sadd.
The Common Seal of The Southend-on-Sea Estates Company Limited was hereto affixed in our presence:

Arthur H Dowsett
Thomas Dowsett
Arthur S Culham

Plan referred to

Plan referred to