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Date: 23rd March 2007    

Mr J Duddridge MP
Srand House
742 Southchurch Road
Southend on Sea
Essex SS1 2PS

Dear Mr Duddridge

Priory Crescent Improvement — Issues Raised by Mr Peter Walker of the Priory Park Preservation Society

Thank you for your letter of 23rd February 2007, which the Chief Executive has asked me to respond to. I am please to provide the following information, itemised as per the action points in your initial response to Mr Walker on 21st February 2007.

Item 2 — Scheme Cost Benefit Analysis

Albeit costs always rise if only to keep pace iwth inflation or the building cost index, the benefits are likely to rise ocmmensurately. Cost benefit analysis (CBA) is a two sided equation and consists of seeking to model at a point in time a dynamic situation. Therefore great care must be taken to ensure that both sides are treated with equal diligence and not just promote a one sided argument.

Item 3 — The Nature of the Public Inquiries

These took place in March 2004 and are only open to challenge in the High Court for a short period after the decisions are published. No such challenge was made and hence the nature of the inquiries has to be regarded as correct.

Item 4 — The Saxon Burial Site

This was subject to early investigation by the Museum of London and a proof presented to the public inquiry. The scheme accepted by Southend on Sea Borough Council is in accordance with PPG16 and has not been challenged by English Heritage. It is not known to what extent the unauthorised occupation of part of the site has caused damage to any remains.

Item 5 — Prittlewell Bridge

This is included within the overall costs of the scheme.

Item 6 — What if the Scheme does not go Ahead

This is a hypothetical question, but if it does not go ahead the current road layout will remain unless varied by an alternative scheme.

Item 7 — Traffic Lights at Aldi

The modifications brought about by Aldi’s challenge were accepted by the Inquiry Inspector and the Orders amended accordingly.

Item 8 — Future Engagement with the Community

The production of plans that incorporate this type of transport proposal, are already widely consulted upon. For example, the Regional Spatial Strategy and Regional Transport Strategy, the Local Development Framework and Local Transport Plan have been and will continue to be developed through processes of statutory and public consultation. The proposals for Priory Crescent were debated at length by the Integrated Transportation Partnership throughout the period of the first Local Transport Plan and confirmed at the Public Inquiry. The development of the Council’s Corporate Plan and the Sustainable Communities Strategy all form part of a consultation process. The Regeneration Framework and Town Centre Masterplans currently under preparation by Renaissance Southend Ltd will all be subject to consultation.

I trust that the above information provides adequate detail to respond to Mr Walker’s enquiry but would add that the approved scheme does not take any land from Priroy Park.

Yours sincerely

John Young
Interim Head of Planning and Transportation


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