Michael Downer

20th March 2008

Cllr. Anna Waite
Executive Cllr. for Transport and Planning
11 Weston Road
Essex SS1 1AS

Dear Councillor Waite

Sometime in 2007 you were reported in the local press as stating that you had listened to the people of Southend and that the 'Shrubbery' and the site of the Saxon King's burial would be preserved for posterity. Any future plans concerning the section of road separating the Shrubbery from the main park would therefore not impinge on either.

This assurance of yours would carry more conviction if the full council were now to reverse its decision of the 14th November 2002 to appropriate the Shrubbery from the Leisure Services to the Transport Department.

The Shrubbery could then once again be maintained as parkland - the Burial site possibly undergo an Archaeologicaoly supervised "reconstruction", and 'Camp Bling' vacated as the need for it would have been removed.

Since that press release in 2007 the whole issue has been in a 'Limbo'. A positive statemnet from the Executive Councillor for Transport in the local press in the very near future, giving a date for the Council's proposed reversal decision would demonstrate that the Councillor meant what she said in 2007.

Yours sincerely

Michael Downer

Resent 20th June 2007 to:
Anna Waite
Glebe Farm
Barling Road
Barling Magna
Essex. SS3 0LX


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